About Us

image of 2 actors, looking dramatically off into the distance

Unsettled theatre is a company forged in drama studios after dark. We are a driven unit of creatives that look to tell untold stories. Our audiences will be submerged in the worlds we create, left questioning and discussing their own views, without realising it. Play is always at the core of what we do, taking narratives or ideas and turning them on their head, to give rise to the audiences’, and our curiosity. 

The Unsettled team have led many successful online and in-person workshops, including facilitating at the Gulbenkian Arts Centre, GENFEST 2022. With the aim to reach more participants in the wider UK and from a range of backgrounds. Unsettled Theatre works to create workshops engaging and fun. 

Improvisation, clowning, music, poetry, and the kitchen sink are used to partly script and partly devise our work. our company strives to help others in theatre, play, and mindfulness training, which we use in our own rehearsals. We believe this approach creates an open, loving environment; we want to spread this practice as it is at the core of our company's ethos. Company members have previously trained and worked with The Pappy Show, Frantic Assembly, David Grindley, Andy Brunskill and Ramin Grey.


At Unsettled Theatre we seek to create an environment where all individuals are treated fairly. We seek to promote a culture of respect, dignity and challenging discrimination and prejudice. We use the Equality Act of 2020 as point of guidance to help better our practise. We want to support any and all creatives with whom we work, meet or teach.