Access and Enviroment  

Accessibility and Sustainability Statement

The accessibility of our work and platforms is of the utmost importance to us at Unsettled Theatre. We strive to create theatre performances and workshops that are accessible, and we wish the other areas of our company to follow suit.

In November 2023, we audited and reviewed the accessibility of our digital presence (website, social media etc) to the standard identified by the Digital Cultural Network as part of our work using the Canterbury Innovation Fund. Our work was assessed manually and for usability with mouse-free navigation. It was also assessed with Google Lighthouse and Wave Webbing.

Overall, through these methods, it was found we are mostly accessible through these online mediums. 

However, we have identified some recommendations we have since put into place, including using alt text on all images and reducing the amount of unclearly labelled permalinks on our website.

At this time, due to financial restrictions, we have been unable to look at improving the coding in our website. This is something we would look into further, should the opportunity become available.

Through our work with the Canterbury Innovation fund, we have met with industry experts in creating accessible work and undertaken accredited training. This work has been embedded in our practise across all areas, including our workshops and creative process when making theatre.

If you have any feedback, comments, or suggestions for how we can improve what we’re doing, please get in touch with us! We can be contacted via email on or via our social channels.

Making environmentally conscious work and ensuring the work we do is considerate of its impact on the planet is also a key value of Unsettled Theatre.

As a part of our work using the Canterbury Innovation fund, we have met with industry professionals in sustainable theatre making, undertaken training (including carbon literacy), and assessed the carbon footprint of our digital and in person presence.

As a consequence, we have embedded environmental consideration into all areas of our process. This includes using sustainable and recycled materials as often as possible and travelling in the most environmentally considered way, for example.

In the future, we would like to have our digital presence professionally audited, but are currently unable to due to financial reasons.

Any feedback, comments or suggestions are very welcome. We can be contacted via email on or via our social channels.

In 2023, we received the Canterbury Innovation fund so we could make our work more accessible and sustainable and bring workshops to young people across Canterbury. As part of this process, we met with industry experts (Knowledge Partners) in these areas, undertook accredited training, and created a model for a workshop to ensure we were creating accessible, creative work that was conscious of its environmental impact. Alongside this, we are including our findings in our theatre making work.

We have collated our findings in a handout we hope might be useful to our peers in the industry that share our values and want to create accessible and sustainable theatre and outreach. 

For a PDF copy, please email